There it is

Here is YALT

In short, YALT, which is defined as “interactive, intelligent outdoor bicycle" and it is a complete local design and production, it’s the first and only product of our country in this field. Unlike stationary exercise bikes that you can see in places like parks, gardens and indoor areas, YALT is a unique product that truly “interacts" with you.

Special Pedal System

YALT's custom-made stainless pedal arm and aluminum-strengthened pedal foot made of polyethylene are specially designed to prevent the user from sliding his/ her foot.

Protection against rusting

YALT's metal body is specially coated against all kinds of abrasive effects caused by external factors. This coating system, which does not harm the environment and does not produce solid waste, protects the metal body indefinitely.

IP66 Waterproof Feature

The electronic board, USB port and dynamo equipment in the system are designed in accordance with IP66 waterproof standard. This structure is waterproof, even under the influence of high pressure water jets and when it is combined with stainless steel protection, enables YALT to be used easily even in coastal areas under the influence of salt water.

Monolithic Body Design

YALT's body is a real work of art. Because it was designed by sculptors… In this way, in contrast to its counterparts on the market, it is produced completely without joints. Advantages of monolithic body; high strength, rust protection and unique aesthetic appearance.

Industry 4.0 Application

The Industrial Revolution is a collective term that includes many contemporary automation systems, data exchanges and production technologies. This revolution is a collection of values consisting of the Internet of Things, Internet Services and Cyber-Physical Systems. YALT is one of the best and most successful representatives of this class with its advanced technical infrastructure.

CE Certified Product

Since there is a sign attached to the products within the scope of the New Approach Directives which are obligatory to comply with the EU, the products which are covered by the said legislation and which will be placed on the market in EU member countries must bear this mark.

Advanced Microcontroller Chipset

Smart Chipset
The electronic board has a design which continuously controls the voltage output from the dynamo that generates electricity in connection with the pedal and keeps the appropriate current and voltage constant charging the mobile devices. It also has hardware and software that allows you to display the calories spent on the mobile device depending on the speed at which the pedal is turned.
High Power Protection
It protects both the electronic card of the bicycle and the paired mobile device against excessive energy rise thanks to the safety equipment that ensures that the voltage entering and leaving the system is always at a certain and constant level.
International Standards
It is produced in accordance with the PCB standards such as TSE EN 60950-1, IPC-A- 610 and IPC J-STD- 001D.
High Temperature Protection
The system is designed to protect itself in case of a temperature increase that could damage the hardware and cut the power connection.
ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Protection
The system is designed with high-level safety measures that prevent static energy from different energy potentials.
Industrial Grade Product
It is designed to operate between + 80 ° C and -15 ° C and is not affected by overload and temperature changes.

Step by Step YALT Energy Bike

Your health is important to us.
In just a few steps you can take care of your health.
All you have to do is follow the steps below.

Download the YALT app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
Pair the bike you want to use with the square code from the “Bike Matching” screen in the application.
Connect your phone to the bicycle. At this point, it is important that you use the original cord of your device.
In the “Performance” section of the application, you can access reports about the distance traveled or calories burned.
You can be the winner of the week or the month by doing sports every day for your health. All you have to do is to do sports and share your reports via social media accounts.
You should practice at least 30 minutes a day to make a healthy living. Now that you have completed all the stages, it is time for sports.

Check All Your Activities

Thanks to the YALT App, you can control and observe all your activities on our sports equipment from a single center. The application, which can be used in both IOS and Android, supports synchronous and asynchronous communication models. Our system, which is protected with 256 bit data encryption, stores all your sports data safely on your phone and on our web server.

YALT Mobile Application

Useable on All Platforms
YALT App is written in Ionics and can be used simultaneously on both android and IOS platforms. Our system, which can adapt to every update to be published in operating systems in a short time and respond to new needs instantly, is updated every 6 months for the stability of your phone and system.
With a Single Program
All Data
The YALT App stores all of your cycling activity on your device as well as through the Master App to provide the basis for improvement and reward systems. In this way, you can view your past usage data as well as track in person your progress in competitions to be made.
Central Data
Even if you receive bicycle service from different organizations, your personal use will be integrated into your account. However only the data of the organization can be displayed in the service provider organizations.

In Pursuit of the Technology

The YALT Application uses a multi-layered GPS-centric data system. A unique name and location of each bike in the area is defined in our system. The app will guide you for use when you come near the bike.
Seeing the local usage with GPS-centric location information
Different admin screens for different service providers
The ability to charge your phone anywhere you want with the nearest bike feature
Reward system and competition systems to be created by service providers to users
Displaying past activity with Performance tab
Service providers' notification system for their users
YALT Sense feature allows the phone to inform the user if the bicycle is approached
Download YALT App and Start Living Healthy Today!

What is our benefit to the world?

According to health research which was performed in 2016 by the Turkish Statistical Institute, it was found that one out of every five people in Turkey are obese, while 34 out of every hundred people are overweight. The proportion of obesity in women is higher than in men. Proportionally, 23.9 percent of women and 15.2 percent of men are obese. When the current situation is taken into consideration, it becomes inevitable to fight the increasing obesity. Gyms cannot be preferred by people because these places cause long time spent in indoor areas. People who want to live healthily prefer parks and public sports grounds for sports. Due to the fact that sports equipment used in public areas is far from standard and functionality, our citizens only perform limited cardiovascular exercises (brisk walking, etc.) and cannot use fitness equipment effectively.

According to the Report of Digital Global Overview 2017 , 89% (70.91 million) of Turkey's population of 80.02 million are active mobile phone users. Of this figure, 60% (48 million) are active internet and social media users. Compared to the previous year, the use of Social Media increased by 14% and Active Mobile Social Media usage increased by 17%. The same report reports the time spent on a daily mobile phone as 2 hours and 59 minutes. These figures show the tendency and habits of the Turkish people on the use of mobile phones.

Among the current models, one smart phone consumes 7.3 kWh of electricity per year. If we switch to the daily base, a mobile phone consumes approximately 0.02 kWh of energy per day. According to the figures mentioned above, 1.418 MWh of energy is consumed only for charging mobile phones. Its burden on national wealth is over 12 million dollars. In addition to that average 0.43Kg made 1 kWh of electricity while producing carbon emissions in Turkey this amount would be our carbon footprint. Using the figures, 222,510 tons of carbon emissions are generated for charging mobile phones.

This is where YALT Smart Energy Bike comes on the stage. One hour of YALT cycling consumes an average of 600 calories per hour depending on the speed of the user. Besides, the daily charge requirement of the mobile phone will be met by generating 0.04 kWh of energy per hour. The environmental impact of this will be 0.017 kg of carbon emissions. If there are 10,000 uses per day, it will be inevitable to see an increase for people, economy and environment.